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    8 of the BEST Black Friday Deals in Canada 2018

    8 of the BEST Black Friday Deals in Canada 2018

    With only a few days to go till we get to utilize the best Black Friday deals in Canada 2018 - we wanted to give you a jumpstart. As we all know, Black Friday is a great time to shop for electronics, but more and more fashion brands are coming out with amazing deals you can not miss out on. 


    1. Amazon Canada 

    Markdowns start a week before Black Friday which becomes even bigger on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 


    2. Lucky Brand  


    Lucky is going to have a sale covering 50% off their entire store on November 23rd. 


    3. Somewhere In Between 

    At our Danforth and Dufferin Mall stores Somewhere In Between will have a sale up to 70%. It's open during regular hours. 


    4. Indigo 

    Bookstore Indigo offers deals ranging from 30%-40% on home decor, agendas, books, and tech. The sale starts on November 24th, 2018. 


    5. Nordstrom 

    So technically this isn't an exclusive Black Friday sale. Giant retailer Nordstrom is going to have 60% sale off select items in-store between November 21st to November 26th. 


    6. Steve Madden 

    The contemporary shoe brand is expected to have a buy one get one 70% off this year - as that was the case in 2017. They are also known to offer free shipping for these insane steals. Expected to occur on November 24th, 2018. 


    7. Victoria's Secret 

    They're expected to offer 50% off sports bras, bralettes and select items including free tote bags over $75. 


    8. Aritzia 

    The eponymous fashion label is expected to have a Black Friday 2018 sale consisting of discounts between 40% to 60% on select items on November 24th, 2018. 

    5 Simple Ways to Wear A Long Cardigan

    5 Simple Ways to Wear A Long Cardigan

    But really, how many ways to wear a long cardigan are there? According to our Instagram findings, there are five, only. Period. Pink Martini's piece de resistance, the Stockport is a versatile cardigan, used as an outerwear piece as well as a layering item. If you've been wondering what to wear when it's fall in Toronto, (or anywhere else for that matter) a good ol' cardigan is just what you need. The credo of this piece is to convince you that a cardigan is all you really need this season. At least until the wind and snow take over. We're all doomed then. If you're gearing up for Fall season, you've come to the right place.



    1. Style it With A Turtleneck



    @notablyandrea  wearing The Stockport in Cooper

    One of the best ways to wear a long cardigan in a casual setting is by jumping into a comfy turtleneck and a pair of boots. If your turtleneck has taken a hiatus, tell it to come back. Hibernation is over! Wearing a turtleneck and a cardigan may appear to be an anomaly but ay, it is not. Ensure that the two pieces have different textures to avoid bulk and encourage layering.


    2. Accessorize it


    @mypinkmartini  wearing The Stockport in Forest Green 

    We all wear the same six or seven pieces in our closet religiously and it's easy for the different looks to blend into one another. One of the six or seven items is probably a cardigan. Wear a beanie or a wide-brimmed hat for a laissez-faire look. Layer jewelry such as bracelets or necklaces to accomplish a boho chic vibe.


    3. Dress it up with a Dress


    @notablyandrea wearing The Stockport in Cooper

    Attending a dinner party? Get cold easily? Adding a cardigan will save your life. It's definitely one of the best ways to wear a long cardigan without making as much of a pinch of an effort. Who has time for that, anyway?  One of the chicest ways to wear a long cardigan is to layer it over a dress. The bonafide star can be worn with a work dress, casual A-Line or an LBD. There's nothing it can't do! (Well, it can't become a sweater).


    4. Colorfully Monochrome


    @toniclife  wearing The Stockport in Black

    One of the easiest ways to wear a long cardigan is by going colorfully monochrome. Combine burgundy or moss green with a navy cardigan for slight contrast. The maxim that monochrome is boring and lethargic, could not be more wrong. It's not a choice made out of decadent laziness! There's definitely an art to dressing monochrome and looking like you made a conscious effort to feel your best.


    5. White Top And Classic Blue Jeans

    @bambooballroom.ca  wearing The Stockport in Navy and Cooper

    One of the ways to wear a long cardigan is to combine it with a white cotton top and blue jean bottoms. Opt for a jean skirt or Levi's 101, and enjoy the thoroughly digestible fashion. Thank you, Victoria Beckham, for bringing the 501's back last week, and thank you world wide web for bringing it to our attention.

    For more information on the infamous Stockport, check out the Somewhere In Between website. It comes in a vast myriad of fall colors suited for all personalities and likes.


    Do you know of other fun ways to wear a long cardigan? Give us a shout-out!

    15 Tops Under $50 ANYONE Can Wear With Jeans

    We’re back to a transitional time of year soon! Here in Toronto, we’re getting heat waves every other week, and rainstorms the other. We all know what this means. Jeans season is almost upon us! What’s so great about jeans is that they can fit any size, shape, age or style. It doesn’t matter who you are, ANYONE can look bomb in a pair of good jeans. The question is, what does one DO with an amazing pair of jeans? As the weather is transitioning, a tee is a great option. Dress up a tee with a blazer, or dressed down with sneakers. Read on for 15 tops under $50 ANYONE can wear with jeans.

    1/ Sail Away in the Sailor Tee


    Wear the navy inspired tee “Sail Away With Me” in a pair of tucked in blue jeans to highlight the navy typography. If you want to dress it up, wear a knitted fine sweater over your shoulders, and a pair of white sneakers. It’s a mature take on a tee and sneakers.

    2/ The Nightgown Inspired Top 

    Wear the Nikkie Tank White top if you’re not 100% down with the pajama trend, but want to give it a subtler go. Not like when Rachel wore lingerie meeting Joshua’s parents. It's a little trend risk to make as it's one of our tops under $50. 

    3/ A Classic French Girl Top 

    3/ A Classic French Girl Top

    If Parisian fashion inspires you, go for the French Kiss is one of the tops under $50 in Red. Wear it with high waisted bottoms. That way no matter which body type you are, it is flattering, giving you an A-line silhouette. Wear 70’s inspired jeans with two square pockets.

    4/ Play Hard, Work Hard, Eat Tacos

    If you’re always thinking of food and happen to love tacos, look no further. Stop reading this article right now. Wear the Tacos, Vodka, Sleep tee has an asymmetrical hemline. This is a great top for the woman who doesn’t want too much attention around her hips.

    5/ Why Isn't Everyday Friday?

    Opt for the Everyday Is Friday is one of the tops under $50. Combine it with a black pantsuit for an edgy look. Suits can appear conservative and age you by a decade. Adding a tee to the look is a stylish option solution to this. Wear it with a pair of stilettos for a feminine touch.

    6/ It’s You, Not Me

    This is a great tee for the woman without a filter, the It’s You Tee will speak for you. Rock it with a pair of loose-fitting black jeans. Wear embellished dress shoes for a cool on the go look like @BarbaraAleks. The black and white look is a timeless color combo.

    7/ For The Martini Drinking Gal 

    Wear the classic Pink Martini tee with synonyms of the brand called Pink Martini T-Shirt. Wear a pair of black, faded mid-rise jeans and Vans sneakers for a casual yet chic Sunday look. Tuck in your tee and wear it with a belt for a dressier feel.

    8/ For Anyone Who Loves Fries, Steven Fry, or the Futurama Fry

    Combine the Peace, Love & Fries is one of the tops under $50. Pair it with a pair of skinny high-rise jeans. Add black oxfords with little tassels for a dressed up look. Add a long blazer to complement the high-rise jeans.

    9/ For the Coffee Addict 

    The Fuel Me Topis a perfect addition to every coffee addicts wardrobe. The sleeves of this tee are longer than most. If you’re looking for tops to hide that top part of your arm this is the one for you. Let’s not call it by its name – leave the bats in the caves where they belong. Move over Prince Charming.

    10/ For the Cat Lady

    The Meow Tee is the ultimate piece for the cat lady. Or for your cat. The asymmetrical hemline pairs well with a pair of boot-cut jeans.

    11/ For the Dog Lover

    The Labrador is one of the tops under $50. Pair it with a slight v neckline is the perfect match with a pair of high rise jeans. The high rise jeans will cover mid-part sections. Combine this with the slight v neckline that draws attention to the graphic of a dog. It’s a great look for someone who doesn’t love their mid-section.

    12/ For the British soul

    The Cup of tea tee (that’s a tongue twister) is what you should be wearing on a trip to the UK. For a British look, combine it with a pair of royal blue, high waisted jeans and brown boots. Book your ticket now!

    13/ For the one who thinks out of the box


    The Sorry I’m Different tee is a great top to wear un-tucked. Wear it with a pair of artsy ripped jeans like these from Levis and slippers for a unique look.

    14/ Essential Basic 

    Wear the Easy Breezy Tee with ANYTHING. It’s one of the great tops under $50 that anyone can pull off, no matter what shape, size, age or style you have. It’s a slimming tee without being slim-fitting.

    15/ For the Romantic

    The Roses of Love top is a match made in heaven with jean overalls. This is something Drew Barrymore would definitely wear, can’t you picture it? Fold up the hem of the jean and combine it with loose locks and sandals.

    There you go, the best Pink Martini tops under $50 for your favorite jeans! If you’re feeling the fall chills inside your office, check out our 4 essential summer sweaters under $100.

    I Own a Million Dresses But I Only Use These Four (according to Carrie Bradshaw)

    Is shopping your cardio? Do you have a Carrie Bradshaw closet full of dresses? I thought so. Ever notice that Miss Bradshaw is not an outfit repeater? Are you a bit of a Carrie in this respect? Maybe you own a million dresses but only really use four of them. One of them is a worn out rag tied to magical memories! How did I know? Your horoscope said so. 

    In the event that you want to reduce your carbon waste, you only need four types of dresses in your closet. These classic dresses are versatile and figure flattering for all body types. They are not restricted to the Carrie body type, no need to worry! 

    A Shirtdress from Aidan 

    If you own a million dresses one of them should be a shirtdress. We’re not saying that you should straight up copy Carries look from Season 3, we’re not all as leggy as SJP. Regardless if you have legs for days, the shirtdress is key for a Patricia Field closet. 

    A Shirtdress from Aidan

    The shirtdress comes in multiple cuts and patterns. You can choose a straight cut midi shirtdress, an A-line dress with a belt in the middle, or a mini dress for example. The dress is easy to dress up with a pair of heels and a slick-back do or dress it down with a pair of sneakers and a denim jacket. Take a look at the Culture Smock Dress Beige for a Carrie lookalike vibe. 

    Big’s Dress isn't Little 

    The LBD isn’t exactly synonymous with Carrie Bradshaw, it’s a little simpler than she is. We’ve all heard of the columnists famous “I like my money where I can see it – hanging in my closet”. Adapt this attitude when it comes to the LBD. A good – dare I say a GREAT classic piece is something worth investing in. Carrie would agree. And girl own a million dresses. 

    Big’s Dress isn't Little

    The little black dress comes in many shapes and sizes. What’s great about the little black dress is because it will never go out of style. Even a trend based black dress is going to be relevant until it falls to pieces. The midi up dress in black is an excellent example of this. 

    Jack Berger's Wrap Floral Dress 

    Who doesn't love the wrap floral dress? The asymmetrical hem and sleeve lines continue to prevail in today’s biggest trends. Hopefully if you own a million dresses, the floral wrap is included. 

    Jack Berger's Wrap Floral Dress

    “It’s the rule of life that everything you have ever wanted comes the second you stop looking for it.” Girl, don’t we know it. The task of finding the perfect floral wrap dress is a hard one. If you find it to be impossible, settle for a floral dress or a wrap dress. Sometimes the best thing you can do is to stop looking for what you want and what you need will show up. Have you seen the Summer Breeze Dress?

    A-Line Dress stands for Alexandr Petrovsky 

    Ok, so this isn’t teeeechnically a dress. But it’s pretty hard to forget Carries J’adore Dior 8 shirt with a purple tulle skirt. Or the ballerina tulle dress. Or the green tulle dress. Do you think Patricia Field liked tulle? There's no other SATC quote that symbolizes the use of tulle, “It wasn’t logic. It was love”. If you own a million dresses and were alive in 2010, look deep into your closet. Trust me, it is there. Forgotten, alone, and afraid. No, terrified because 2010 was 8 years ago and SATC last aired 14 years ago. 

    The A-Line dress small on top and has a thicker skirt. It’s almost a ball-gown look that any shape and any age can pull off. It’s a great party dress you can find throughout various price points. Take a look at the Dorothy Skirt.

    If you own a million dresses but only use four, that’s a pretty nice problem to have. Reduce Co2 emission by purchasing dresses that you’re actually going to wear. Not only will you save dollars, but the environment too. The Pink Martini editorial team will leave you with a Carrie quote.

    “Maybe the past is like an anchor, holding us back. Maybe you have to let go of who you were to become who you will be.” 

    That old rag dress tied to the memories, throw it away and update your closet. Memories last a lifetime, things don’t.